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Not only intended to increase the value of pen-raised deer, feeding Fertile Aid 2.0 generates a natural alternative to help enhance and maintain the optimum overall health and reproduction in the deer. Especially in late summer and early fall Fertile Aid 2.0 optimizes the male testicular growth for  semen volume and quality, and female enhance the estrus cycle at a cellular level optimizing overall reproductive functions.

Fertile Aid 2.0 is under new management and with an improved formula.  Our product is developed with key nutrients at the correct levels, Fertile Aid is designed to assist the reproductive performance and synergistically maintain health at the cellular level.

Fertile Aid is made to relieve the stress on the deer during breeding season, conditioning a doe's ovaries, optimizing semen volume, as well as produce a natural alternative to support and maintain the overall health of the deer.  Fertile Aid 2.0 is the product you need.  

  • Quality Semen Motility

  • Assists with Conditioning to Optimize Better Conception Rates

  • Helps Strengthen Reproductive

  • Assists Cellular Growth

  • Innovative Ingredients

  • Improved Formula

  • Nutritionally Balanced

  • No Wasteful Additives

  • Deer Love It

Sheeps & Goats

Benefits to Longhorns coming soon.

Benefits to Cervids - coming soon.

Benefits to Sheep & Goats - coming soon.

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