Medium-size antelope with high, rounded haunches. Hair shaggy and greasy. Chestnut or brown coat in females and young changes to brown or dark brown in males (variable by race). Vertical white stripes often break into spots on lower sides and haunches (fade with age). Female dorsal stripe dark but usually white in males. Head short. Ears broad. Hoofs long. Flexible pastern with protective pad of naked skin sinks down for added support. Horns on. male only, and may not show until as much as 8 mos. old. Keeled, gentle spiral. Typically 18 to 20 in. on curve; exceptionally 30 to 36 3/8. Male weight typically 220 lbs. (154 to 287); female 88 to 232 lbs.

Breeding season

Breed all year. Possible dry season peak in parts of wild.

Gestation & Young Per Birth

7 1/2 to 8 mos.; 1 young.


6 ft. usually sufficient.