Red Lechwe


Medium-size antelope. Rangy frame higher at haunches than forequarters. Coarse, rough, greasy coat with distinct odor. Hair somewhat long, reddish brown shading to light brown on lower sides and lower half of haunches. Extra black that rutting males can develop on the lower shoulder makes red lechwe of typical race (K. 1. leche) look like male Kafue lechwe (K. 1. kafuensis) of nonbreeding season. Females of both races similar. White band connects chin to white belly. Fronts of forelegs and lower part of hind legs black. Backs of pasterns bare. Hoofs long and narrow and dew hoofs large. Horns in males only, particularly long, ringed, sweep back, often very wide spread (up to 31 1/8 in.). Horn lenght 18 to 26 in. (up to 31 1/2 to 37 1/8). Male weight average 227 lbs. (187 to 286); female average 174 lbs (132 to 214).

Breeding Season

Rut 2 1/2 mo. in wild as flood cycle starts (November to February). Some any time.

Gestation & Young Per Birth

7 1/2 mo.; 1 young.


8 to 10 ft. usually sufficient. Make high leaps over obstacles.