Our Story

Cypress Ranches is made up of Cypress Ridge Whitetails, Cypress Creek Ranch and Lodge Creek Whitetails. We have 26 years of providing the best customer service to the wildlife industry. We have two locations to offer you Whitetail Deer, Exotics and African Hoofstock. But as much as we love big bucks and super exotics, our main focus is always on you. At Cypress Ranches, we take just as much care with our relationships as we do with our herds. And whether you're a customer, vendor, or guest, we want to make sure you're nothing but thrilled with your experience.


“Ivan Hochstetler, owner of Double H Whitetails, Mount Eaton, Ohio.”

“Cypress Ridge, they know the animals, they did their research, and they know what they’re breeding for. And you can go generational, three, four, five back and going forward from there. You know what you’re getting.”

The combined ranches has a herd of over 250 Super Exotics and 800 Whitetail Deer to offer you.

Bringing You Exotics, Whitetails, Customer Service & Integrity - All In One Place