Medium-size antelope famous for its grace, prodigious leaps, and classic lyre-shaped horns of the male. Reddish tan. Fairly distinct change to lighter tan on lower side. White underneath. Blackish accents include tuft over gland on lower hind legs, and sometimes patch on forehead or nose. Young similar. Horns on male only. Lyre-shaped, long, slender, with well spaced rings. Typical length 20 in. (large 27 up to 36 1/8). Male weight typically 132 lbs. (99 to 176 25); female typically 99 lbs. (88 1/5 to 132).

Breeding Season

Rut 3 weeks to 3 mo. during breeding season of 3 mo., 3 mo. twice yearly, or all year, depending on environment. In East Africa, most mating is during the rainy season with a peak developing toward the end.

Gestation & Young Per Birth

6 1/2 mos.; 1 young.


10 ft. when relaxed. Working pens higher. Can jump 8 ft. when stressed. Huge leaps when disturbed not meant to clear obstacles, but can exceed 9 ft. vertically or 36 ft. wide.