Greater Kudu


Tall, lithe antelope with broad ears. Vertical white lines across grayish brown body. Male has mane from throat to chest and keeled horns with open spiral. Adult horns spiral two, or, exceptionally, three times. Horn length 40 in. and up, with large horns 48 in. (measured over curves) to 71 1/2 in. (along outer curve). Female hornless. Male weight 419 to 600 lbs. (up to 705); female 252 to 474 lbs. (average 376).

Breeding Season

January or especially in February in Africa. Peak less distinct in drier years when occasional births in any month. Low density also prolongs birth period.

Gestation & Young Per Birth

7 to 8 mos.; 1 young.


10 ft. usually adequate. Clear 8 1/2 ft. regularly for garden plants, etc.