Grant's Gazelle


Large gazelle with distinctive shape to rump patch that extends onto croup. Upper two-thirds of tail white. Dark stripe down each side of white rump and dark stripe along side may fade with age, especially in males, and lacking in some races. White underparts and typical gazelle head markings. Newborns browner with special shape of rump patch yet to develop. All adults have horns, although smaller and simpler in females. Mae horns long and robust, well ringed, base laterally compressed, spread varying considerably by race. All rise up right, then curve. Flare abruptly outward in form called Robert's gazelle (exceptional spreads 29 to 41 1/2 in.). Male lenght averages 19 3/4 in. (17 3/4 to 31 3/4). Female horns horter, thinner, straighter, and smoother (12 to 17 3/4 in.). Male 143 lbs. (121 to 180); female 99 lbs. (77 to 148 lbs.)

Breeding Season

Breeds at any time of year but peaks in wild during rainy season when territoriality peaks. Where there are seasonal migrations, this disrupts the herds so breeding is low then.

Gestation & Young Per Birth

6 1/2 mo.; 1 young.


7 ft. usually sufficient when not excited.