Largest of the oryx, and the only one with rounded ears. Sturdy, pinkish tan body with conspicuous black-and-white markings on head and legs. Side stripe broad. Tail black with black dock and long brush. Born yellowish tan. All grow long, straight horns with rings. Horns usually form a wide V. Lengths average 33 to 36 in., with long horns 41 to 48 3/8 in. Spread at tips 11 1/2 to 31 in. Male weight 370 to 460 lbs. to about 530 (a few prime bulls massive); female often 360 lbs. or more (to about 460).

Breeding Season

Breed all year; favorable rain may bring females into heat.

Gestation & Young Per Birth

8 1/2 to 10 mo.; 1 young (very rarely 2).


8 to 10 ft. usually adequate.