Dama Gazelle


Tall, slender gazelle with white crescent across neck below throat. Body white with roan to chestnut neck and back and often a light saddle. Sometimes a streak extending onto haunches. Fawns born tan like other gazelles. Strongly S-shaped horns n both male and female, those in males thicker than in females. Adult length 8 to 17 1/4 in. with 14 in. typical. Male weight 120 to 187 lbs. (typically 138 lbs.); females 88 to 144 lbs.

Breeding Season

Breed all year in United States (possibly peaks in March to May and October to November). Mainly in wettest months (March to June) in the Sahara.

Gestation & Young Per Birth

5 mo.; 1 young (2 births per year possible for exotics).


6 ft. usually sufficient.