Large, sturdy antelope with large, broad ears. Red-brown coat with 10 to 16 (often 13) vertical white lines. Fringe of longer hair down center of back. Legs have black and white marks. Adult males blacken progressively from forequarters. Grow heavier as they age, especially males. Body size and limb proportions highly variable. Large, keeled horns have weak spiral and often ivory-colored tips. Tips may cross, especially in females. Female horns more slender, and sometimes less twisted than in. male. Horn length 21 to 39 1/2 in. along curve (27 1/2 and up is large). Male weight 529 to 660 lbs. up to 893; female 440 to 558 lbs. (typically 530).

Breeding Season

Peak October to January in native habitat.

Gestation & Young Per Birth

9 mo.; 1 young.


7 1/2 ft. usually adequate. Can jump low fence with enough motivation.

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