Compact white antelope with gray head, white body in summer changing to gray extending over back and side (haunches white) in winter. Longer winter coat gives noticeable neck ruff. White cross on face below dark brown mat of hair on forehead. Hoofs broad. Thin, white tail has short tuft at end. Young born tan. Both male and female have long, weakly ringed horns spiraling upward in a gentle V. Female horns longer but. more slender. Average horns 28 1/2 in., large 32 to 37 in. p to 43. Male weight 220 to 330 lbs.; female 110 to 200 lbs.

Breeding Season

Bread all year (peak in May to early August).

Gestation and Young Per Birth

8 1/2 mo.; 1 young.


Usually respect 4 ft.